Monday, April 19, 2010

Sweet Nothings

I'm currently sitting in my bed, peeling candle wax off of my duvet cover. No funny business, just a candle spill...from last week.
I slept until noon today. I wanted to get up, but there just wasn't a point..and I've been having these tension headaches, so I let myself sleep. What an uneventful life this is. It's funny because I'm having a hard time rationalizing all of the "nothing" that I used to do during the day as actual productivity after having spent a few weeks locked down in an office. I feel so lazy and useless! (and that's after a 3 mile run and finishing all my laundry). Really there is no point to this post whatsoever, other than to feed your hungry eyes. (RIP PSwayz).
I found the TO DO list on my computer today that I made when I first quit my job. It was oddly satisfying to see that I'd done most of the things that I said I would (save for actually finishing writing this play-THIS WEEK PROGRESS WILL BE MADE). It was also upsetting to see my "long term goals" again. Sometimes I take a few steps back and wonder why it is that I'm pursuing this acting career when it is just so damn hard to get to a point of satisfaction with your career in this business! Not to mention all of the financial downsides! I just have to simplify sometimes and remember that I'm doing it because I love it and it's what I've always wanted to do.

Well kiddies, this was unsatisfying and brief, but I've got to head off to rehearsal (show opens Friday, eeek!) so here I go...

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