Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Gods smile upon me once again...

So this afternoon I wrote (what I thought was) a great post. It was titled "Jamaican Me Crazy" and was written from the point of view of a very happy Jamaican woman in honor of "Jamaican Accent Tuesdays" (which I made up earlier today). This is not a joke. I really did this, and the clincher is that I wrote the whole thing on my BlackBerry while babysitting a three year old who did NOT seem interested in playing with me after I had chased him around the apartment for forty minutes carrying a T-Rex doll, per his request, and read him two books, one of which was partially in Spanish (have you heard me try and speak Spanish?...actually it was kind of awesome, I wish you were there), SO...the post was deleted. My wonderful, written-Jamaican voice is gone forever, which is probably a gift from the Gods. Of which I am one, or at least I am playing one, this weekend in a show at the 14th St Y. I play the Second God, otherwise known as the snarky, doubtful, stickler god. Yippee.

I'm at my parents' house in New Jersey now for the next 24 hours or so, I mostly came out here to vote in the super important school budget election (this really is dire, they're cutting programs like deli meat and firing teachers like fourth of july sparklers round here), but I'm also here because I wanted to take a bath. My bathtub in the city is truly unusable (I'm sure I've got some company on this one, NYC rental apartment tubs aren't really something that people use are they?) and I've been craving a nice long bubble bath for awhile. My current state of under-employment (unemployment is incorrect since my stint with the three year old this afternoon technically counts as a job of sorts) has rendered it possible to take this little mini-vacation out to the 'burbs to raid my parents' fridge, bubble bath stash, and enjoy Sawyer's abs on a 52-inch flat screen tonight (okay fine, that was the real reason).

I hope you all had a mighty nice day, take cara yoselfs now, and dontcha go eatin no ice cream afta yo dinnahs.


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