Monday, April 26, 2010

Buy Me A Juicer?

So, I'm reclaiming a spot as a functional member of society, guys! It's been raining, and I've been wearing rain boots. And, for that matter, a rain coat. Yay!

No seriously, I don't have time for these blogging shenanigans this week. All of a sudden things are all kinds of busy. I'm moving this week so the endless shuffle of "stuff" between old neighborhood and new neighborhood is going to take over all extra time.

Miraculously, though I seem to be making enough money from all of my rando jobs to pay for my existence! Victory! I also just submitted myself to audition for a film produced by MC Hammer, so obviously all is right in the world. Yeah, I know, that's really wrong.

I'm catering the LGBT Dinner tonight, which should provide an interesting study in social behavior, as most high-end events do...or just great outfits and haircuts.

Well, the time has come, the walrus, my mom is giving me the minivan to do the moving shuffle actually and has just called to say that she brought me a "food surprise" for lunch so not to eat yet. Knowing the way surprises go in this family it's probably quinoa with beets...which actually sounds appealing right now. Excuse me, my antioxidant rich "surprise" is arriving, I need to go braid my flaxen hair and start juicing some kale in anticipation.


PS: I'll try and post this week, because I know y'all can't live without me.

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