Monday, May 3, 2010

98º and Rising

It's not really 98º out, but it is 98% humidity...and the whole city is really ugly as a result. I don't mean that the skyline is suffering, I mean that everyone looks ugly. I know not a single person that can retain their normal level of attractiveness in high humidity. If you find me someone here in New York who looks good today, please take a photo of them and post it here. I look like this:

Oh, humidity, you provide fodder for humor, and further fodder (haha that sounds like a british sitcom) for me considering moving to the west coast.

I can't's too damn sweaty in my life right now. Maybe I'll run my air conditioner and get back to you...


1 comment:

Island Gal said...

haha!! I remember this episode!!! Its so funny!!! I do hate humidity too!!