Friday, August 6, 2010


So yesterday I did a little bit of inventory on what's in store for the rest of my summer and this is it, in pictures:
Lake Placid, NY...hopefully in 6 days, if I can get my shit together

My cousin is getting married at MIT next weekend

The following weekend is Lake George with a big group of alcoholics college friends

This is Kentucky. Oddly enough, the state I'm most excited to drive through en route to California.

Not ready to discuss this yet.

So that's that. I can't believe that summer is almost over. It feels like yesterday that I was joking with friends about how January was already booked and I had no free weekends. Now it's August. Where does time go? Oh...well, I mean I slept until 1 pm today, so maybe time is drowning in my bed along with my inspiration and will to live.

Yesterday I was discussing my magazine proposal with my dad and this was his suggestion (this is an actual quote, exactly)

"Why don't you pitch and idea to Playboy for an article on New York to LA, the best places to have sex."

I took that opportunity to utilize the "pregnant pause" and retorted with, "Sometimes I don't think you remember who you're on the phone with", and hung up.

The problem's a really good idea.

Let that marinate while I try and get my ass up off the couch.

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Sara said...

Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous. If you drove through Louisiana you would probably see.... trees.... and.... more trees.... and maybe some rednecks.

Very exciting.