Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sitting on Babies

All I've been doing lately is babysitting. I'm not kidding you, I spent 70% of my time with people under age 10, and I've been getting some good advice from these kids.

What is not such good advice is eating half a box of Teddy Grahams and watching Scream...actually, that's the best advice, also, ironically, what I'm doing right now. Praise be to parents who put their children to bed before I arrive. And parents who don't keep ice cream in the house, because if you thought the the Teddy Graham genocide of 8:30 was bad, you wouldn't want to see what would happen if there was cookie dough up in this joint.

Additionally, I'd like to point out that Scream is hugely underrated. I think. And whatever happened to Matthew Lillard? Annndddd Wikipedia. Jesus, he's 40, and he looks like shit. Sad.

Oh, so I move out of my apartment on Friday and officially become a gypsy. But I'm going to this Saturday, so at least I'll be a drunk, porky gypsy.



lalalalauren said...

Haha, wonderful. I can never buy Teddy Grahams for myself anymore because I'll eat them all in one night if I don't pay attention.

Happy gypsy-ing!

Allison said...

What did happen to Matthew Lillard? Whenever I think of him I think of that scene from She's All That where he sings and dances at the party.

Megan said...

I haven't had Teddy Grahams in so long, I love the cinnamon ones or the chocolate! Oh, and Scream is one of my favorite movies. I think I've seen it like 50 times, after that many times it no longer becomes scary just pure entertainment.

Poor Matthew Lillard.