Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Apologies on the lack of posting. I've been...yeah, doing nothing.

Let's do a little recap. Life inventory, if you will. Will you? You don't have to. You can close the window now. I don't mind *
*I mind. Stay, please?

I was supposed to move from New York to LA in August. And then in September. And then mid-September. Then end of September. Then early October. Then mid-October. And now, end of October. Am I ever leaving? Yes. Are my friends starting to think I'm the girl who cried "move" and do they no longer care that I'm leaving? Probably. Am I getting irritable and antsy? Yes. Do I just want to go? Yes. Am I saving some money? Yes.
I have another stand up show. This Thursday. I'm not above pimping my real life on my blog, so leave a comment if you're in NYC and want to come see some kick ass comedy Thursday at 9 pm in the East Village (the other guys are supposed to be kick ass, I'll be mediocre, at best).

I have a cold and thus can't exercise, and thus ate a milkshake. Life is really just one big downward spiral after another.

And just to get serious for a second, I want to take a moment to recognize the cheesy year I've had. Since last September I've really been through a lot of changes and I think they might be noteworthy, if only to feel a little bit better about myself during a period of stasis (read: I'm scared to start anything else here on this coast). So, in brief:

Last August, while in Hawaii on a family vacation I decided that my life was unsatisfying and that I needed to grow up. I flew back to New York, started writing a play (now in limbo), and decided I needed to go on real dates, not just bat my eyelashes at the guy across the bar and try to catch his eye between Jameson shots. So I tried it out. I went on a lot of bad dates and a few good ones. Dated a guy I thought I liked for a few months, until I realized that I liked the idea better. Started drinking less.  And then I started running more. And then I started losing weight. Entered into something that would turn into the pretty successful relationship that I've still got going. I ran a half marathon. And then I quit my job. And then I started this blog. I bought a camera and learned how to take pictures (sort of). I started writing again, for fun, for the first time in years. And then I finally started performing stand up. And now I'm moving across the country. And I feel okay about it. 

For some reason reflecting on the year at the end of September makes sense to me...since these changes started last September, I guess. I don't know, somewhere between the Jewish New Year and the standard calendar New Year lies my New Year. Allo.



TbR said...

Happy new year then!

Sounds like a big year, it must be nice to look back and think that the decisions you made are starting to pay off.

I know exactly how waiting to move feels. Knowing you are moving and want to move, but either putting it off or being held back by something; it's painful.

lalalalauren said...

Good luck at your stand-up show! If I was in NYC I would totally come see some kick ass comedy, but unfortunately I'm on the completely opposite coast. :P I know you'll kick ass though. :)

And it sounds like you've had a pretty good year. Hope your move goes smoothly. Gah, I know how the waiting to move thing goes. I thought I was going to move at the end of August. I'm moving this Friday. Obnoxious.

laurenne said...

Happy New Year! I'm glad you quit your job. It's really the best way to live. I'm currently unemployed too. YES! I spent all day reading on the beach. YES! I cried when I had to pay my rent today. YES!

Just move already! I am here in LA with open arms ready to be mediocre with you at a ton of comedy clubs. You will fit right in!

Laura Darling said...

Wow, what a year you've had! Good luck with the comedy show and the moving situation!