Friday, September 3, 2010

Wah wah wah

This is my last night as a New York City resident. Tomorrow my subletter moves in and as a result I'm homeless after tonight. Unfortunately, its about 200ยบ in my bedroom and I will most definitely not have a good night's sleep, but will more likely wake up several times covered in a pool of sweat. Great.

I've been crying like a two year old on a airplane all night, and it probably didn't help that I had about four glasses of wine. Whoops. Lately I feel like I've been living in an alternate reality, one where I'm no longer the fun kid at the party, but the adult who is asking everyone for advice. And believe me, I hate that person. I probably will benefit from a few days at the parentals, crying, being "artistic", listening to far too much Bon Iver and whining like a little bitch. Whatever, at least I help my mom with the dishes these days.

It's funny, usually when I'm this upset I can't sleep, and maybe its the wine, but I'm pretty much too exhausted to exert a single iota more of energy.



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Randall said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with being upset that there's no good reassurance anywhere to be found. Just as someone who also found himself suddenly homeless, with two week plans suddenly becoming two year ones.