Friday, July 30, 2010


That title is a nod to that terrible song that came out a few years ago that spelled out independent as its chorus. What a pathetic attempt at music. What an awesome way to get your friends drunk and try and get them to spell words.

I'm having one of those "I love being an adult" moments, so I'm going to savor it. Let me start by saying that if I were, oh, ten years younger, maybe even 8, I'd be sitting politely at my parents' dinner table eating with a fork, wearing pants, a shirt, and a bra, probably already showered, drinking water, and most definitely enjoying an assortment of vegetables before any sort of sugary dessert.

What I'm currently doing right now is binging on yogurt raisins and cashews (I know, gross, right?), chugging water (I just got back from the gym), wearing a towel (pre-shower), downing a bottle of wine (I'm only 2 glasses in, but I have high hopes for this bottle), and thinking about skipping dinner in favor of raw broccoli and more wine.

This is a pathetic post, but I've fired up some endorphins or something and I'm feelin' good so deal with it. (Yes, I'm already on glass three) Must be time for a shower...can I bring wine in the shower? In college I used to take beer showers all the time–not showering IN beer, mind you, but showering with a beer, lest I get sober long enough to make a good decision. Something tells me, though, that wine isn't meant for water sports. Although, wine and slip-n-slide go together like half a velcro and the other half of a velcro, but that's a tale for another Friday night. I've got a surprise party to go to, and we all know what happens if you're late to a surprise party...

...nothing in this case, since I don't even really know the surprise-ee, I'd hardly ruin anything by walking in next to him. But alas, there's broccoli and wine to consume.

Have a good weekend, champs.


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Ali said...

Wait, seriously? I'm going to a surprise party tonight and I don't know the surprise-ee either! We lead parallel lives, I tell you. Parallel!