Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Episodic Living

Yesterday I had a super indulgent movie moment on the I'm going to share it with all of you.

Coldplay's "Fix You" came on my ipod on shuffle and instead of automatically skipping it, I decided I'd give the song that made the world fall in love with Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts a second listen. In retrospect I don't even remember if that song was played on "The OC" in reference to their relationship or not, but I think it was. It was for me at least. So I let myself listen and watch the people in the train; two asian children sharing a haagen daaz mini-pint (I know, it can't be a mini pint, it's either a pint or wasn't a pint), a drunk French teenager trying to keep conscious his even-drunker-passing-out French teenage friend (no doubt a result of World Cup festivities), and the opposing B train traveling on the next track. For some reason, then, I started crying. Well, not for some was like I was slowly making love to the city, gently and carefully, and trying not to hurt its feelings. I don't know what my point is really...maybe it's something about the song sung by the father of someone named after a fruit, or just that I'm letting myself let go of the city a little bit in anticipation of my eminent move (is it eminent? I think so). More on that later.

Now I have to go babysit for six children.

I'm not even kidding you.

Oh the things we'll do for cash when we don't have any.
PS: Remember when Seth and Summer made out upside down and everyone made fun of that episode? 
PPS: I have it on dvd, wanna come over later and watch it?

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Sadako said...

Wow. That's a n interesting moment. Love how you described it. Love that you made love to the city but gently.

Six kids? YIKES!