Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Secret Garden Journal (Day Two)

May 22, 95
Daer Journal,
It shore has been a long time sceence I've written to you. I'm writing storys for my birthday so here go's:
The Garage Ghost
A long time ago in Transsalvania a girl who was 13 had a grandpa who was very mean. One day her grandpa was chopping wood in the garage and he chopped he hand off and  then his head and soon he was dead but when he died, noone buried him so he remains in that same garage and he always will.
June 26, 95
Today is the day before my birthday celibrelion I can feel it honest I can I have that that smummery feeling I'm listing to Toni Braxton, Best Freind
more tomorrow
Adria <3

Happy Thursday folks! Today has small children, copious beverages and a play about Mexican immigrants on tap for me. It'd be better if I was a playing an immigrant or drinking copious beverages with Mexican children. We can't have it all.



Annabelle said...

Oh... I think we had similar childhoods.

lalalalauren said...

Garage Ghost = BEST STORY EVER